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Tips to prevent & preserve melted Body Butter

Hey Family! There's no need in telling y'all how hot is has been these last couple weeks. It's been feeling like Fall and Winter aren't coming this year! 

In thinking about this, I thought I would share some simple tips on how to prevent your body butter from melting and also share some ways you can give your melted body butter life again!


During the Summer months, as anxious as you may be to receive your favorite NG Body Butter, instead of opening it right away, place it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours allowing it to cool and harden. It's highly likely on its journey from me to you, it melted along the way. 


     2. Did it shrink?

If it melted it may appear like there's only half. There isn't, the air accumulated from whipping has evaporated. All the contents are still there and it still good to use!


     3. Keep away from heat!!

 It's best practice not leave body butter in hot, moist places such as cars, purses, or backpacks! It may melt again. Consider leaving it in a cabinet, on the dresser or wherever is dry and cool! You can even stick it in the refrigerator at night for next day use!


     4. Whip it up!

Having deflated body butter doesn't look the best but, there is hope! If you want to restore your body butter, here's how to do it! Refrigerate it until solid and then put the solid contents into a bowl. Grab a hand mixer with a whisk attachment and whip for 10 minutes. This will put the air back into the product, easily!


I genuinely hope you're keeping cool in this really, hot Summer!

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