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Happy Birthday NG!

This day last year I decided to embrace and welcome a new journey! In 2018, I learned something new about my body/skin that shifted my entire way of shopping for myself. I've been on a natural journey for some years and every natural hair and skin guru stands for coconut oil. For YEARS prior to 2018, I stood too! The summer of 2018 came around and my skin said “No!”. At first, I thought it was stress bumps, to later find out, it was happening on my scalp too. Itching, redness, and sometimes burning is what I felt after using it. You're probably wondering why I had multiple encounters after the first one lol! I didn't want to believe it and, every so often, I'd misread the ingredient in a product and find out later that I missed it.
Why does this matter? It matters because this is partially what birth Naturale Goddace. It takes two to make a baby so, let's talk about the other half.
For the past five years I've worked in the healthcare industry as an Athletic Trainer, specifically with collegiate athletics. In my field, there are rarely any true breaks, I mean when you think about it, sports happen all year-round. As an athletic trainer, I'm present for just about everything, first one to get there, last one to leave type of situation. My career revolves around care and prevention for over 300+ people in a year. Excluded from the count is family, friends, relationships, oh and ME! I always felt like at the end of my energy and time expenditure for others, there was nothing left for myself. Desiring a block of time where I could pour back into me seemed quite unrealistic then the pandemic happened.
The pandemic forced me to stop, to slow down, to be present. More often than not, I'd go through my days just trying to get through, but not present to what was happening. During the slow down, I thought about how many people were like me, grateful for the pause, and the ability to shift focus to inward versus outward fulfillment. With knowing that this change of pace wouldn't last forever, I thought about how someone like myself could have a brief moment of self-care, without it taking all day. I married then two, then came my baby.
 Naturale Goddace is a brand for you to Honor Thyself meaning to love, respect, and admire yourself. The products offered are to help achieve that in your daily routine or for when you want to level up your self-care day. Each of the items are handmade from product to scent, and made with love. Majority of the products scented are infused with essential oils to enhance your experience and promote self-care. NG isn't about me as much as it is about my community. My goal is to be a resource for my community and to always help others. I am filled with so much joy when I receive reviews because it confirms what I feel God has placed in my heart to do.
Here we are, one year later and one year full of lessons! Reflecting on this past year, it's been an interesting ride as part-time entrepreneur. I was physically in an area that I knew would not allow me and my brand the max potential I saw my brand to be. I prayed for God to provide me with exposure, a mentor, and asked for Him to help navigate my brand to best serve His people. In the month of December alone, there has been so many of my prayers being answered! The biggest lessons I've learned over this year are:
  1. Keep God in everything
  2. It's not always going to be perfect
  4. Adjust when necessary, not when convenient
In the game We're Not Really Strangers there are three different levels, Perception, Connection, and Reflection. I feel like my first year was Perception, how you and I perceive my brand, for example it looks like this would be_____. Year two, I want to Connect with you, show you who's behind NG more often and get comfortable with the vulnerable.
If you stuck around to read this, I hope you stick around for the rest of what's to come! So, let's connect Lovees!
- Ash!
love | respect | admire 
james 1:2-4
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