Skincare meets Mindset

Taking care of our skin is one thing, but have you considered what is said or thought of your skin when cleansing or moisturizing?

Each morning and evening as we prepare for the day or for bed, we implement our routine that may look like brushing our teeth, making our coffee or tea, and skincare! Some skincare routines are customary and are just the norm. Some are preventative due to skincare tendencies, and some are rehabilitative due to current issues or flare-ups.

Implementing a good skincare routine is a great way to help cultivate happy, healthy, and radiating skin but, unfortunately for some, even with having a good skincare routine, skin care episodes still evolve despite the hard work. So what do we say or think about our skin then? 

Is it still beautiful?

Are we still grateful for its protection?

Do we still love your skin?

The answer could be "absolutely" but the answer could also be "no, not really".


How we think about our skin plays a part in how our skin heals. Our minds and bodies are so fascinating in that we can think ourselves happy, sad, healthy or sick. So how does this play into our skin?

Saying positive words about our condition routinely, even though it may not look positive, shifts our minds from just saying good things to actually believing the good that we're saying. Speaking or thinking negatively will cause our mind and body to resent our routines or actions and see them as unnecessary, inadequate, or flawed.

This practice is often seen with goals we want to reach in life and it can also be used for our skin. Based on feedback that I received from customers and followers, I created some positive sayings that you can save as a reminder that no matter what state our skin is in, we are going to love it, protect it, and be confident in it. 


1. "I am grateful to my skin for protecting me, and in turn, I will take care of my skin."

2. "My imperfections make me unique and beautiful."

3. My skin has a healthy glow and is worthy of love.

4. "I trust my skin's healing process."

5. "I’m becoming more confident with my skin everyday."

6. "I love my skin and I treat it with respect."

7. "My skin is happy, healthy, calm, and balanced."

8. "I am happy when I look at my skin in the mirror."

9. "My wise food choices give me healthy skin."

10. "My skin protects me, and I protect it."


I hope that these resonate with you and that you share these with your friends and loved ones!

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